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Welcome all Bethany Fans!

"I was just hoping it would be different here in Kirkwall. We're not running away. We're coming home."

Bethany Hawke is Hawke's younger sister and Carver's fraternal twin. Bethany is an apostate mage; she received her magical training from her father, who was also an apostate.

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This group is all about everyone's favorite Hawke sister, Bethany (Or Sunshine, if you prefer so). All Bethany related art is welcome, though it'd be appreciated it you could drop it in the proper folder. Thankfully, there are only five, and there is a folder guide below in case anyone needs it! Keep spreadin' the Beth love!

:bulletblack: No Bethany Hate. You're in the wrong group if that's what you're after
:bulletblack: If you can try to get all your Bethany works into the right folders, that would be dandy and helpful! : D
:bulletblack: Suggested favorites are absolutely welcome, but please do not get upset if we don't accept!
:bulletblack: Taking a picture of your dog Bethany, who you named after Bethany in Dragon Age, does not count as an actual deviation involving Beth. Sorry ^^'

:bulletpurple:FOLDER GUIDE:bulletpurple:

:bulletblue: Bethany Folder - Any deviation featured around Bethany, and only Bethany.
:bulletblue: Beth and Friends - Here you can put some of Beth's crazy adventures with the Merry Band of Misfits
:bulletblue: Literature - Got a story starring our dear Beth? Goes here!
:bulletblue: Romance - Even Bethany needs some love, and any deviations features her romantic exploits go here. Incest is allowed, as it does count as romance.
:bulletblue: Mature Art - Any Bethany related deviations tagged as mature go here.
Well, I know this is not really a Bethany related news, but I thought this info might be of interest to those among you who have not found out already at their end: the Dragon Age Keep has moved to the stage of "open beta" since October 29, 2014!

This means that now everyone can try out the Keep's beta and create their own version of the events that took place in the DA world in view of the upcoming release of Dragon Age: Inquisition later this month!

For those who do not know at all what the Dragon Age Keep is, basically this is a tool that will allow players to create a world setting for use in Inquisition which is consistent with many (albeit not all) of the in game choices made during DAO and DA2. This is because Inquisition will not allow importing a savegame from one of the earlier games, so the Keep appears to be our only chance for the storyline of Inquisition to take place in a version of Thedas shaped as close as possible to what we did after playing DAO and/or DA2.

That's all for now! Head over to the Keep website if you feel like trying out this tool. A few "potential" spoilers concerning Bethany follow herein below, based on my own experience playing around with the Keep! :)

The Keep features a handful of choices concerning Bethany, i.e. whether she survived the escape from Lothering, her status at the end of the Deep Roads expedition, her allegiance and her status at the end of the DA2 storyline.

I'm kind of wondering whether the Keep will allow a mage Hawke to choose that Bethany survives the escape from Lothering. But I noticed that the tool is set to avoid certain "conflicting" choices, so it's likely that upon choosing a mage Hawke and Bethany alive in the prologue, then the Keep will ask to switch to a non-mage Hawke if you want to confirm that Bethany survived the events of the prologue.
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